Examining The Table - Lent Conversations with Bishop Paul: Meeting at the Table

Lectures & Debates

The Concert Room
20th March 2019 19:30 - 21:00

Spend an hour an a half in the company of Bishop Paul as he has a series of conversations exploring his book “The Table”. Each evening focuses on a different chapter.

The evening starts with an introductory talk from Bishop Paul before a facilitated conversation with a diocesan guest. Audience members will have the ability to take part in a question and answer session before the evening closes with a simple act of prayer.

You don't need to have read the book to come along to the conversations and each conversation will be a stand-alone conversation.

The Lent Conversations will make an ideal focus for individual or church group study during lent as together we are called to learn, to come along.

The Table has been described as a radical new vision of the Church as a table, built by Jesus the carpenter and stretching down every street and into every home. It reflects much of Bishop Paul's thinking since he has been with us in our diocese,

In the book, the bishop argues that "At this table, everyone sits, eats, worships, agrees and disagrees together, as equals. The Church of England used to be in 'a spiritually dangerous place: cushioned by privilege, in the middle of our society and at the top.' Today, however, it is more often 'on the edge and underneath marginalised, not always taken seriously, sometimes mocked.' But that this is good news because on the edge and underneath is where the people are. Equality and also justice are at the heart of The Table - justice that does not come without struggle, patience and quiet perseverance, as demonstrated by the Hillsborough families in Liverpool over the last three decades. Bishop Paul argues that a Church that knows justice and Jesus is a Church that can best accommodate our rich and diverse communities and embody the hopes of future generations who want to connect with the unchanging love of God in our fast-changing England.”

Tea and coffee will be served.

Free to attend, book your place here