Gilbert Scott Lecture series - Science, Religion and the Search for Extra-terrestrial intelligence

Lectures & Debates

Lady Chapel
23rd May 2019 19:30 - 21:00

Join us for a series of four lectures exploring science and faith, the aims to give an exposition of science in a faith context.

Endeavouring to challenge the perception of the difficulties of being a scientist while following your faith, each lecture opens up the discussion on a different aspect of challenging societal issues facing the church.

Presented by Revd Prof David Wilkinson, Professor and Principal of St John’s College, Durham. As well as teaching and research in the department of religion and theology Revd Prof David Wilkinson is principal of St Johns College. Before becoming a theologian, he was a scientist then a Methodist minister in inner city Liverpool. With a research background in theoretical astrophysics, his current work involves the relationship of Christian theology to contemporary culture, from science to pop culture. Read his full bio here.

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Access to this course is through the Lady Chapel Entrance (via the Car Park).