Liverpool Cathedral Sleepout


Main Space
06th April 2018 19:30 - 23:59

Together with the Whitechapel Centre, we're helping raise money to help vulnerable people across our area and you can get involved by spending one night sleeping in Liverpool Cathedral.

We've joined forces with the Whitechapel Centre, Liverpool's leading homeless charity to create the Liverpool Cathedral Sleepout, a  rare opportunity to sleep inside our Cathedral. Everyone needs to have a place to call home - a nice comfy bed, hot food to eat, somewhere you can watch television, play games or read a book. Unfortunately, not everyone in our city has this. While the Sleepout won't compare to sleeping outside on the streets, we want to help people understand how difficult it might be when you don’t have a place to go. 

The Whitechapel Centre helps those living without a home and we help people in the city through our Hope+ Foodbank and our employability programme - Volition. Together, we are working really hard to make sure everyone in Liverpool can have a place to call home and live to their full potential. Unfortunately, more and more people need our help each year.

We know many people want to help those they see sleeping on the streets or without a home but it can be difficult to know the best way to help. By taking part in the Cathedral Sleepout and raising as much money as possible, you’ll enable us to give people food, find them a home and teach them new skills.

What do I need to do to get involved?

  • Sign up - registration costs £5.00 per person
  • Raise money - the sponsorship target for this event is £50 per person and we're happy to help you along the way. Don't forget that there is a prize for the highest amount raised by an individual and a team.
  • If you need support and advice on hitting your target, contact

What happens on the day of the event?

 Friday 6th April

7.30pm to 8.30pm - Arrive at the Cathedral for registration and to find yourself your spot where you'll sleep

8.30pm to 10.00pm - Activities and entertainment

10.00pm to 11.00pm - Quiet time and bedding down

11.00pm onwards - Time to get some sleep

 Saturday 7th April

7.00am onwards - You've done it! Time to pack-up, grab your certificate and make your way home.

What do I need to bring?

  • Yourself, and if you are under 18,  a supervising adult.
  • Pyjamas.
  • Board games.
  • Materials for your den: cardboard, something comfy to sleep on (e.g. camping/floor/yoga mat).
  • Sleeping bag, pillows and blankets.
  • Snacks and a drink - the cafe will be open for light refreshments until about 10 pm, however, you are welcome to bring your own snacks and drinks.

Please don’t bring:

  • Valuables (Liverpool Cathedral cannot accept responsibility for valuables brought on site.
  • Tents.
  • Alcohol (this is an alcohol-free event - please don't bring any onsite).

So you understand what it might be like to be without gadgets and technology, we'd like to keep technology to a minimum and so you’ll enjoy the atmosphere of the Cathedral. - If you do bring your please keep the volume to a minimum.