Mothers' Day Runaways


Lady Chapel
10th March 2018 18:00 - 19:00

A service for those who normally avoid church on Mothering Sunday.

The Mother’s Day Runaways service offers a safe space for those who find Mothering Sunday difficult.  Whatever your story, whether you’re grieving the loss of a mother, the loss of a child, or a baby through miscarriage, whether you’re struggling with infertility or childlessness, singleness or a difficult relationship, whether you never even knew your mother or any other reason why you might find Mothering Sunday painful, this quiet, reflective service has been designed with you in mind. 

Join us at this informal gathering in the Lady Chapel and be guided through an hour-long service. This includes liturgy, poetry, music and stories acknowledging the bittersweet emotions surrounding Mothering Sunday, offering you the space to grieve, enabling us how to lament and inviting the God who loves us into our stories of struggle.