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Inspiring Places or Inspiring Moments?


July 01

This week, Mike Stubbs, Director/CEO of FACT gives a thought provoking contribution to our discussion of Liverpool's most Inspiring Places, which coincides with our 2011 Photography Competition of the same name.


Mike writes:

"I have no one inspiring place - I have inspiring time.  

Inspiration is found by chance, between events - when we are de-focused, in transition, in between the cracks or in the shadows.
Tired, jet lagged, drunk, dreaming.
Neither do I have a favorite time 'to be inspired', these things cannot be planned.
Lucid moments catch me by surprise - all we need is to keep out eyes and hearts open.
Then the inspiring place/times will seek us out."
Do you agree? Do Mike's comments inspire you to take your camera to the city centre and seek out your own inspiring moments? 
Let us know on our facebook and twitter pages.

This year’s photographic competition has expanded, with more categories for junior and adults amateur photographers to enter and win fantastic prizes including an overnight stay at the Hope Street Hotel, theatre tickets, meals, photographic workshops, tours, and vouchers for photographic equipment.

Details of categories, and also the rules/entry form can be downloaded here.

We also have a range of photography events planned over the summer to give you even more inspiration and an opportunity to get clicking:
My Liverpool Home (18th July-26th August) - an exhibition of an inspirational city, as seen through the lenses of Edward Chambré Hardman and Mike McCartney.
Click and Explore Interactive Photography Trail for the famliy (26th July-26th August)

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