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Expect to have your mind expanded with new courses from our School of Theology

August 23

Liverpool Cathedral’s School of Theology has undergone a transformation with new courses for the active, enquiring mind being prepared for September.

Under the leadership of our Curate, Rev Tim Watson, the school will host three courses exploring Jesus and the Bible; the Holy Spirit and the Church; and 21st Century Ethics. The first course – Jesus and the Bible starts on September 26th at 7:30 in the cathedral’s Radcliffe Learning Centre.

“Anyone who wants to encounter God should expect to have their mind expanded” explains Tim, “but often people are put off from pursuing study fearing that it will be a dry technical affair rather than a passionate encounter with a living God.”

The courses have been designed to reflect the strong desire amongst people to get a better understanding of their faith. The success of Breakfast with the Bible and Supper with the Scriptures taught us that people who have a faith, and those that don’t, are keen to come together and learn more.

“We see this as a resource for everyone, part of the Cathedral’s mission to support churches across our diocese” says Tim “we know many churches want this type of learning but can’t offer it locally. The School of Theology can bring people together, draw from the best talent in our churches and offer a really interesting experience”

The School of Theology has brought together some excellent tutors with an expertise in particular fields of study. But what unites them is a passionate desire to communicate their subject in a way that anyone can understand.

“Our three courses are designed to appeal to anyone with an enquiring mind” said Tim, “our tutors will unlock the amazing truth from the Gospel and find ways to apply it to today’s society.”

So the Jesus in the Bible stream will use the figure of Christ to help us understand both the Old and New Testaments. The Holy Spirit and the Church course looks at how God has guided the various institutions we call church over the years. 21st Century Ethic looks at all the challenging questions we face and giving us sound biblical tools to answer those big ethical dilemmas.

“this is not heavy theology” Tim told us “we don’t expect that people need to have any level of knowledge and there’s exams. We do suggest books and passages to read that may help people understand more but it is about inspiring people to want to find about and learn about the faith.

“The courses have been designed to help those who are curious about faith and have a desire to learn, we’ve seen people come on similar courses who have already been on that journey."

Each course runs for ten weeks starting with Jesus and the Bible in September. Participants don’t need to sign up for the whole ten weeks and booking details are available on our website

The whole ten week course costs £36 (£18 concessions) Or £4 (£2) on the door every evening

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