Choral Eucharist


Nave Altar
08th October 2017 10:30 - 12:00

Boys' and Mens' Voices

The preacher is Canon Paul Rattigan, Canon for Discipleship

  • Leighton Missa Brevis
  • Psalm 80. 9-17
  • Salvator mundi Tallis
  • Hymns 408 1st tune  94  205  453


The Eucharist is the main service in the Great Space of the Cathedral. 

The service includes the three bible readings appointed for the day, and a sermon, usually given by one of the Cathedral clergy which relates the readings to our daily lives. The service includes four well known hymns for the congregation to sing, and we use the contemporary form of Holy Communion in Common Worship, the authorised service of the Church England.

During the service, everyone present is invited to come forward to receive Holy Communion, if they are baptised and are in good standing in any Christian church, or to receive a blessing. The service lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes, and all are welcome both at the service and the light refreshments which follow.

Details of the service 'settings' can found on the downloadable Service List

We’re sorry but visitors are not allowed to take photographs during worship services at Liverpool Cathedral