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We are seeking to raise £24 million by 2024, in order to ensure that at our centenary, our fabric is sound and our facilities are fit for purpose - with five new outreach projects to equip our Cathedral for mission far into the 21st century. 
As a major contribution to this goal, we are seeking 144 Patrons of Liverpool Cathedral. Our Patrons will each pledge to give £24,000 by 2024. Patrons may be individuals, corporate institutions or syndicates and their gifts may come as a single lump sum or in regular instalments.
Our Patrons will form a new and exclusive community of supporters. Your efforts will secure the future of our extraordinary building and bequeath it intact to our children and grand-children. You will become part of the great story of Liverpool Cathedral.

We hope you might be one! Download the Patron's Leaflet (right hand column of this page) or contact 

Dean Pete Wilcox
0151 702 7220

Our 24 for 2024 Campaign

  • 6 major new initiatives which will need an investment of £5.5m
  • Urgent repairs to the rood, tower and beautiful, historic windows costing £10m
  • Further work to complete the appeal to restore our grand organ £1.5m
  • A substantial fabric repair endowment fund for the future £7m

Part of the visionary plan will involve two newly built centres on the cathedral campus. Subject to planning permission these centres will enable the cathedral to offer several projects in key aspects of its work.

The St Aidan’s Centre will be a place for leading edge learning and pioneer mission accommodating

  • St Melitus NW a training partnership for new vicars
  • The Joshua Project for Pioneer Ministry which will consolidate Liverpool’s excellent national and international reputation for new forms of ministry.

The Cathedral Centenary Centre will be a place of critical thinking and community engagement including:-

  • The Francis Neilson Project for Choral Outreach – taking our musical expertise into the community
  • The Abraham Project for inclusive education – fostering dialogue, peace and reconciliation between faiths.
  • The Liverpool Cathedral Project for Wellbeing supporting social justice projects such as the Hope+ Foodbank.

The campaign has got off to a great start with £2.4m already pledged towards its total.