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188.7 m
(619 ft)
9,687.4 sq. m
(104,275 sq. ft)
Choir Vault
35.3 m
(116 ft)
Nave vault:              
36.5 m
(120 ft)
Height of Tower:
100.8 m
(331 ft)
Under Tower Vault: 
53.3 m
(175 ft) 
Tower Arches:         
32.6 m
(107 ft)
Bells: (height) 
67.0 m
(219 ft)
31.5 tonnes 
(31 tons)

Liverpool is the largest Cathedral in the UK (in sq metres), and the 5th largest in the world.

It's under-tower vault is the highest in the world

It's bells are the highest and heaviest peal in the world

There are two pipe organs in Liverpool Cathedral. The Grand Organ is the largest in the UK and is considered to be the largest operational church organ in the world with 10,268 pipes. 

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