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We want to reach out, to touch people, to change them, to bring them close to God, to leave them thirsting for more and wanting to come back again and again.

Music is a Gift from God. It is a universal language. Music can go beyond mere words; it is a way for us to communicate with God, and for Him to talk to us.

The English choral tradition in its sheer excellence and beauty is the envy of the whole world, and those involved in Cathedral Choirs are privileged to be part of the daily offering of worship maintained in every Anglican Cathedral in the country. Since the Reformation, it has been the duty of every Cathedral to offer worship of the highest order every day on behalf of the souls of the land.

The Choir

The Choir

Find out about the Cathedral Choir's history, its different voice parts, activities and tours as well as the Chamber Choir and details for visiting choirs.

The Organ

The Organ

Find out more about the history and dimensions of the Grand Organ and the Lady Chapel organ at Liverpool Cathedral

Joining the Choir

Joining the Choir

The choir provides an opportunity for boys and girls to make friends, with whom they enjoy a full and happy social life.



Encouraging children to use their singing voices as part of their everday lives.

In an age where the nation seems constantly to be in pursuit of the lowest common denominator, Cathedrals still strive for perfection and the offering to God only of the very best. The Choristers are encouraged to adopt this perspective, as at Liverpool Cathedral nothing short of the very best is good enough in all things musical, in appearance, in attitudes and in behaviour.

This kind of observance from a very early age, cultivates in the boys and girls a mature outlook on life, and a confidence far in excess of their years. They are also trained to behave as professional musicians. The Choristers are engaged in an adult activity in which they are solely and constantly measured by adult standards and values.

A selection of critiques from various newspapers.

"The Cathedral Choir showed discipline, sensitivity and musicality and demonstrated complete vocal agility in the very demanding passagework."
The Times

"There was no faulting the excellently prepared performance by the Choristers of Liverpool Cathedral."
The Daily Telegraph

"A splendid St. John, magnificently sung by the Cathedral Choir, who are now surely ranked with any Cathedral Choir in the country."
The Liverpool Echo

"The Cathedral Choir proved to be a top class musical squad in their annual performance of Messiah."
The Daily Post

"The Choristers’ voices crowned the whole ensemble most wonderfully in the closing pages of the symphony."
El Paris El Mundo

"Liverpool Cathedral Choir’s programme spanned four centuries and demonstrated a mastery and complete understanding of the music."
Le Figaro

Visiting Choirs

Would you like to sing at Liverpool Cathedral?  Click here for details.

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Liverpool Cathedral is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children. 
All staff and volunteers share this commitment.