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Parish Representatives - very important links into the Cathedral

This great Cathedral was built to the glory of God and to be a place of worship for everyone in the Diocese of Liverpool. Over the last 100 years the Dean and Chapter have worked to ensure that the vision of the Cathedral’s founders has not been lost. As we move forward into the Cathedral’s second century we want to ensure that its role takes into account the needs of all of the parishes and congregations it serves.

In order to achieve this goal we need better two-way communication between parishes and the Cathedral, and an increased understanding of what each can offer the other, so that through an enriched partnership we may better serve God as together we proclaim his love.         (Some members seen here at one of our meetings)

This task is not always helped by the fact that the Cathedral is geographically on the edge of the Diocese and some parishes may well feel remote. We are therefore endeavouring to appoint a Cathedral Parish Representative in every parish.                                                                    

We are looking to build a two-way bridge between each parish and the Cathedral. We have chosen the word 'bridge' and phrase 'two-way' very carefully for the bridges will link us together and ideas and prayers will flow between us all in both directions.

We already have 183 Representatives, covering 173 parishes in the Diocese, in place, but we are still looking to all of the remaining Parishes to appoint a Cathedral-Parish Representative as quickly as they possibly can.

                    Parish Representatives at one of our first meetings in the Cathedral

So what are we looking for?

We are looking for someone who will ensure

  • regular contact is maintained with the Cathedral Parish Co-ordinator, (currently me),
  • the parish is made fully aware of what the Cathedral has to offer in terms of worship, education, visitor experience, and other events;
  • we at the Cathedral are aware of the needs of the parish, so that we can .....
                      a.    pray meaningfully and in a more focussed manner, 
                      b.    organise worship with your needs in mind,
                      c.    ensuring each parishioner’s visit to the Cathedral, either as an individual or in an organised group,
                             may always be both positive and pleasing, and also spiritual and uplifting.

We have now had several 'get togethers' for Parish Representatives in the Cathedral when we were all able to get to know each other and the Cathedral Staff.  We were also able to enjoy the wonderful Visitors Experience and to taste the goodies on offer in the Mezzanine Café.  At one of the gatherings the Dean, Pete Wilcox outlined the current Cathedral strategy and introduced us to the Strategic Plan of 2013.

At the next meeting we will have Canon Richard White as our guest speaker and we will also have a chance to meet the new Canon for Discipleship Paul Rattigan who will make his first 'guest appearance'.

The Cathedral experience is to be shared by everyone in the Diocese and our prayer is that the new Parish Representative scheme will go a long way to fulfil this goal.

If you feel that you are one who could help in your parish then please contact me at the Cathedral.

Gratten Williams
Cathedral-Parish Co-ordinator