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The only criteria for membership of the Overcrofters is that members must be regular and committed members of the worshipping and community life of Liverpool Cathedral. This need not necessarily be on a Sunday morning and details of all Cathedral services are available on this website.

The Overcrofters – our mission

The Overcrofters exist to provide all young people who are members of the worshipping community of Liverpool Cathedral with a Christian structure within which they can feel cherished and valued and from which they can get support and encouragement as they develop into adulthood. In particular:

  • to provide pastoral support for our young people in their personal and spiritual lives
  • to provide moral and practical support for our young people in their academic or professional lives.
  • to provide opportunities for social time and fellowship within the group and within the Cathedral company.
  • to provide, for those who want them, opportunities for admission to Holy Communion through confirmation and for development in the Christian faith
  • to support and encourage any existing commitment our young people might have to other aspects of Cathedral life
  • to provide, for those who want them, opportunities for our young people to become involved in other aspects of the life and ministry of Liverpool Cathedral.

If you would like to know more about the Overcrofters, you can contact them by email:

All Overcrofters’ activities are arranged in addition to any current Cathedral commitments and would also be arranged to fit around schoolwork, studying and other commitments young people may have away from the Cathedral. Former choristers and members of the Cross Guild are, of course, welcome to join the Overcrofters but membership cannot be open to serving choristers due to the high level of commitment they already give to the Cathedral. It is the responsibility of the members to make suggestions of activities, events and trips that they would like to organise and to ask if they would like to be involved with other aspects of Cathedral life.

In the last year the Overcrofters have enjoyed a variety of events and activities and have been involved in the life of the Cathedral in many and varied ways. They have been on trips to Chester Cathedral, Blackpool lights, the ‘Other Place’ exhibition on Crosby beach and were able to join the Cathedral Choir for their 2005 tour of the Netherlands. They have had meetings, which have included a barbecue, a football match and tours of the Cathedral.

They have enjoyed evenings cooking meals in the Cathedral and have entertained the Dean and Chapter to supper followed by Sung Compline in the Cathedral. They have held an all-night vigil in the Cathedral enjoying the building and sharing in worship and fellowship with each other.

They have been able to join many Cathedral events including the provision of stewards at the High Sheriff’s ‘Sound and Light’ concert to raise money for the girls’ voices, providing the stewarding at a performance by the Myriad Theatre Company of the Henry James’s play ‘The Turn of the Screw’, reading and singing at a Taize evening in the Cathedral organised by St Hilda’s School.

The group has developed strong links with the Cathedral Music Department and has been involved with the musical life of the Cathedral and the City including singing in the annual Cathedral performance of the Messiah, the Midnight Eucharist and the Lord Mayor’s Carol Concert at St George’s Hall. The Overcrofters, in the tradition of Magdalen College, Oxford, sang madrigals in the Cathedral and the Close on May morning. Members of the Overcrofters were also invited to read some of the lessons at the Cathedral’s Christmas services.

The Overcrofters enjoy some funding from the Dean and Chapter but donations towards work with children and young people in the Cathedral are always welcome and can be sent to the Cathedral Office using the address on this website.

The Overcrofters are led by the members of the Cathedral Youth Ministry Group and the Youth Ministry Group Leader is Nick Basson

The leaders are always happy to receive questions and comments about work with children and young people and can be contacted at the Cathedral using the contact details provided on this website. All Overcrofters’ activities are supervised by the Cathedral youth leaders who hold enhanced CRB clearance to work with children.