From the very early days of its origins and starting to build just after the turn of the 20th Century, through to its completion in 1978 after 74 long, hard, but rewarding years, the unfolding story of this great cathedral, the largest in the whole of the UK and the fifth largest in the world, is unique and fascinating.

Explore our history to find out how it survived two World Wars, periods of recession and great hardship in this once famous and important port of Liverpool, to become a tribute to the dedication of a great many people and their skills.

As you share this amazing journey, it becomes evident just how important the Cathedral is to the heart and the life of this now internationally acclaimed city of Liverpool.

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We have two overriding goals

The ‘Mission Activities’ goal is to double the average weekly attendance at worship by January 2024, by reaching out in Christ’s name to people who at present do not regularly worship anywhere.

The ‘Four Foundations’ goal is to raise £24 million for 2024, to transform potential into action, to put the building into excellent condition, as far as possible to protect the Cathedral across all four foundations and equip the Cathedral across all mission activities.

The has as its mission to

  • Heighten worship: 
  • mulitply congregations:
  • promote fairness
  • deepen discipleship
  • extend wellbeing
  • widen enterprise: 

Some of our amazing statistics:

  • Length: 188.7 m (619 ft)
  • Area: 9,687.4 sq. m (104,275 sq. ft)
  • Choir Vault: 35.3 m (116 ft)
  • Nave Vault: 36.5 m (120 ft)
  • Height of Tower: 100.8 m (331 ft)
  • Under Tower Vault: 53.3 m (175 ft)
  • Tower Arches: 32.6 m (107 ft)
  • Bells: (height above ground) 67.0 m (219 ft)
  • Bells: (weight) 31.5 tonnes (31 tons).