Since its establishment in April 2012, the Liverpool Cathedral Schools Singing Programme has worked with over 4,000 children across more than thirty primary schools in Liverpool, delivering first-class choral outreach through weekly workshops which always culminate in a 'Big SIng' performance at the Cathedral. We work with 12 schools per term and are hoping to increase this to 18 by the start of the 2019-20 academic year

What do the children get?

Through weekly workshops across a ten-twelve week period, children will learn between ten and twelve songs by memory. This equates to one new song in each session, which is truly progressive.

Teachers from schools in our programme often report that children who sing regularly with us experience enhanced focus and concentration when they return to their regular lessons in the classroom. It can be equated with the feeling of increased confidence we often get after we’ve played sport. Similarly to playing sport, singing is a workout in itself and is proven to enhance positive mental well-being. 
At the end of the term the children get to perform in one of the largest and most iconic cathedrals in the world to the accompaniment of a live band, ensemble or orchestra. Being able to hear their voices blend with the instruments and echo around our amazing acoustic in front an audience of up to 1,000 people provides children with experiences they will not forget. 

How does the programme work?

The Director of Choral Outreach or Director of Music will begin coming into your school and running singing workshops early on in the term. Workshops last around 30 to 45 minutes. We'll do a vocal warm-up and teach the children some vocal technique and then got on to learning the music. Performance days tend to arrive in no time at all! On the day, schools bring children to the cathedral at 3pm to have a full rehearsal with the other schools and artists. There'll be a break for dinner and then it's time to get back in the performance area. All of our performances start at 7pm and last approximately one hour. Each school is given a specific dismissal point so that movement of children from the performance area back to their parents is as safe and swift as can be. 

First term free

Each school coming to the Singing Programme for the first time receives one term free of charge. Subsequent terms are chargeable (at highly competitive rates) by project and details can be found next to each project listed in the 2018-2020 brochure.

Which schools have we worked with?

  • Greenbank Primary
  • Belvedere Preparatory School
  • Emmaus CE & Catholic Primary
  • Liverpool College Preparatory School
  • Mosspits Lane Primary
  • Wavertree CE Primary
  • Northway Primary
  • St Mary & St Paul’s CE Primary
  • Bellerive FCJ Catholic College
  • Norman Pannell Primary.
  • Gimour Juniors 
  • LIPA Primary
  • Garston CE Primary
  • Beford Road Community Primary
  • Bishop Martin CE Primary
  • Holy Family RC, Toxteth
  • St Cleopas CE, Toxteth
  • Knotty Ash Primary
  • Huyton with Roby, CE
  • Childwall CE Primary
  • Rudston Road Primary
  • Woolton Primary
  • Northway Primary
  • Faith Primary

For more information, or to book your school on to the programme, please contact:
Stephen Mannings,
Director of Choral Outreach
(0151) 702 7234.