The Cathedral Junior Choir had its first rehearsal in September 2013.

Since its establishment the choir has boasted a consistent number of 35-40 children.

Children in the choir wear a blue polo shirt with an embroidered logo which was the result of a logo design competition among the children of the choir.


The Junior Choir rehearses at the cathedral once a week on a  Wednesday from 4.30 - 6.00pm. It is directed by Stephen Mannings who is ably assisted in supervising and supporting the children by Jack Watson and choir parent supervisors. Choir membership is free.

The Junior Choir is a much smaller time commitment than the main Cathedral Choir. Over time the children learn more about what the Cathedral Choir is and what is involved in being a Cathedral chorister. They also focus on developing their voices and learning to read music. It is hoped that it will then be easier to recruit children to the Cathedral Choir from the Junior Choir. We encourage probationers for Cathedral Choir to join the Junior Choir to augment their learning process and develop their voices. There are currently around ten boy and girl probationers in the Junior Choir.  

The choir has performed at the following events:

  • Jun 2015: Joint Junior Choir Concert at Liverpool Cathedral in Aid of Hope + Food Bank.
  • May 2015: ‘Light Night’ at the Metropolitan Cathedral.
  • Dec 2014: Action for Children Christmas Concert, Liverpool Cathedral and South Liverpool Ecumenical Carol Service, St Charles RC Church.
  • Jun 2014: Joint Junior Choir Concert at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Aid of Hope + Food Bank.
  • May 2014: D Day: 70th Anniversary ‘Big Sing’, Liverpool Cathedral.
  • Apr 2014: Wirral Festival of Music, Birkenhead High School.
  • Dec 2013: The Night Before Christmas ‘Big Sing’ and Action for Children Christmas Concert, Liverpool Cathedral.

Junior Choir CD Recordings:

The choir has also made two CD recordings at the Valley Community Theatre in Netherley:

  • June 2015: Junior Choir ‘Summer Hits’.
  • Dec 2014: Junior Choir Christmas Album.

Social outings:

The choir has also been on a number of social outings (which the choir parents pay for) including:

  • Jul 2015: Kayaking & Water Trampolining.
  • Dec 2014: Burgers and Bowling.
  • Jul 2014: Yellow Sub Soft Play & Quasar.
  • Sep 2013: Bowling and Pizza.