We look forward to welcoming you and your choir to the Cathedral!

If you have made a booking, you may find it helpful to download our proforma forms and safeguarding pack to assist you in your planning

Please check the list of dates below and contact our Visiting Choirs Officer, Emma Williams, who will discuss the various options available to you.
Email: emma.williams@liverpoolcathedral.org.uk Phone: 0151 702 7240.

If you would like to bring your choir to sing an informal concert during the day, please contact our Visitor Services Manager, Jenny Moran.
Email: jenny.moran@liverpoolcathedral.org.uk Phone: 0151 702 7284.

Dates in 2017

Sunday 1st January - Vacant

Sunday 19th February – St Martin in the Fields, London

Wednesday 15th March – Giggleswick School

Sunday 23rd April - Laudes

Saturday 29th –Sunday 30th April – Open University Chapel Choir

Saturday 27th – Sunday 28th May  - The Danensian Choir

Saturday 22nd - Sunday 23rd July - The Chancel Singers

Saturday 29th - Sunday 30th July - Melbourne Parish Church

Monday 31st July - Sunday 6th August - Vacant

Saturday 12th August  - Howells Voices 

Sunday 13th August – Unlimited Voices

Saturday 19th ​- Sunday 20th August - Bluebird Singers

Sunday 3rd September – Oriel Singers

Saturday 9th September - RCSM Northern Cathedral Singers

Saturday 21st – Sunday 22nd October - Damian Singers

Sunday 29th October – Vacant

Monday 30th October - Koorschool, Haarlem

Sunday 31st December - Vacant


Dates in 2018

Wednesday 7th February  - St Faith’s School, Norwich

Sunday 11th February Chester St Cecilia Choir

Sunday 8th April  Easter Vacation – Dover Community Youth Choir

Monday 9th April – Dover Community Youth Choir

Saturday 26th May - Sunday 27th May - St Salvator's Chapel Choir, University of St Andrews

Thursday 19th July – Jefferson Choral Society, Lynchburg, Virginia, USA

Saturday 21st  - Sunday 22nd July -  St John the Baptist, Newcastle upon Tyne

Monday 23rd - Sunday 29th July - Vacant

Monday 30th July - Sunday 5th August - Vacant

Monday 6th - Sunday 12th August - Vacant

Saturday 18th – Sunday 19th August Leicester Church Music Consort

Monday 27th August - Sunday 2nd September - Vacant

October Half Term - Vacant

Sunday 30th December - Vacant


Dates in 2019

All Vacant 


Dates in 2020

All Vacant except

Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th May - Poscimur