'Liverpool Cathedral Foundation’, formerly known as ‘Liverpool Cathedral Centenary Fund’, continues to support Liverpool Cathedral’s drive to long term sustainability, in its key areas of mission, music, education and heritage and maintain the vision of being ’a safe place to do risky things in Christ’s service.’

The name change marks a new era in the Cathedral’s fundraising efforts and reflects the fact that the Cathedral is now looking forward to the next hundred years after celebrating its Centenary in 2004.

Liverpool Cathedral receives no Government funding, little direct funding from the Church of England, and has no major endowments. It relies on donations in order to maintain this architecturally significant building, keep entry free and continue work within the local community - a community that was originally responsible for the building of Liverpool Cathedral.

Educational programme

Over the next few years, the work of the Foundation will include developing an inter-faith educational programme, where the Anglican Cathedral will work with a nearby synagogue and mosque and the Roman Catholic Cathedral. This programme will allow school groups to explore the similarities and differences of three great linked world faiths.

Developing dialogue

Fundraising efforts will also help the Cathedral actively engage with the ever-changing world, by further developing dialogues with science, politics and social issues, continuing to develop and equip the Cathedral as a safe place to enable these challenges to be faced with integrity. The Cathedral has already been active in looking at issues of war and peace, of reconciliation, and of economic regeneration.

Future projects

Projects for the future also include an expansion of the Education department, the growing of a £2million Endowment Fund for the girl’s choir, addressing carbon footprint and energy efficiency in order to create a ‘green’ Cathedral and developing the Welsford Porch into a unique space that will help the Cathedral achieve self-sufficiency.

Rebecca Bentham, a former Fundraising Manager for Liverpool Cathedral said,

“We would like to thank all our donors for their continued support of Liverpool Cathedral and look forward to their support of the renamed Foundation. In 1901 Frederick Earl of Derby, stressed that the Cathedral which was to belong to all ‘should be built by all.’ The local community agreed with this sentiment and gave generously, irrespective of their giving capacity. Individuals and families from a range of backgrounds gave according to their means ranging from in current money £50 or less, up to tens of thousands of pounds.

This generosity in giving has been mirrored in recent years as seen in our £3million Visitor Centre., which was developed with the help of our supporters. It is vital that we continue to nurture and encourage this generosity and commitment in order to support new developments at the Cathedral; and we turn now to the current community to help sustain the future.”