It is so easy to adopt a pipe - simply read the relevant section in the booklet below.

You can adopt a range of pipes at prices to suit:

  • £2.00 for pipes up to 2ft long
  • £4.00 for pipes up to 4ft long
  • £8.00 for pipes up to 8ft long
  • £16.00 for pipes up to 16ft long
  • £32.00 for pipes up to 32ft long
  • £25.00 for the Bombarde organ stops.
  • £50.00 per pipe for the Tuba Magna, Trompette Militaire, and 64ft Resultant Bass.

When you adopt a pipe you receive a special certificate, priority booking at the Gala opening and other events and the adopter's name recorded in our special commemorative book.

Please use the support form on the back page of the booklet  to adopt/sponsor a pipe..