We look forward to welcoming you to Liverpool Cathedral over the Lent, Holy Week and Easter period

On this page, you'll find information about our Holy Week events and services. Our Canon Presentor Philip Anderson, also explains more about the importance of these occasions, here.

Holy Week services

In Holy Week we enter into the drama of the sacrifice of the Son of God, as Jesus lays down his life.

Palm Sunday:

Palm Sunday marks Jesus' entry into the city of Jerusalem

Monday 11 April

Tuesday 12 April

Wednesday 13 April

Maundy Thursday: 14 April

On Maundy Thursday we will mark the Last Supper and the night Christ was betrayed.  Want to know more about Maundy Thursday? Hear from Canon Philip here

Good Friday: 15 April

You can find out why we mark Good Friday, here

Holy Saturday: 16 April

Easter Services

On 17 April, we will celebrate the most joyful and holy day in the Christian year, Easter Day!

Easter activities

On Tuesday 12, Wednesday 13, and Thursday 14 April, our education team will be hosting free Easter craft activities sessions. You can book here.

On Easter Monday, we'll be holding our Easter Organ Recital. You can find out more, here.


For more information on Lent, click here.

Our Canon Precentor Philip Anderson answers some common questions about  Holy Week and Easter

What is Holy Week?
Holy Week follows the story of the last week of Jesus' life, from his entry into the holy city of Jerusalem, on Palm Sunday, to celebrate the Passover Festival. This most important Jewish festival celebrates God delivering Moses and the Jewish slaves in Egypt from death and persecution

When is Easter 2022?
Easter day is on Sunday 17th April 2022.

What is Maundy Thursday?
The name comes from a Latin word - 'mandatum' - meaning 'commandment', because at the Last Supper Christ told his disciples 'Love one another as I have loved you'. He shared a final symbolic meal with them, and later that night was betrayed, arrested, and imprisoned.

Why do we mark Good Friday?
Good Friday is a sad day but a triumphant one, good news for us, because God is with us in the darkest place, death.

What is Easter?
Easter is when Christians celebrate Jesus rising from the dead, marking the beginning of a new creation. It begins a season of 50 days mirroring the original period between the empty tomb, and his appearing, his Ascension into heaven, and Pentecost when the disciples received God the Holy Spirit.