Filming at Liverpool Cathedral on October 5th 2018

Thu 06th, Sep


We are hosting the filming of a major drama on Friday October 5th. The Cathedral will be unavailable to general visitors.

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience and co-operation.

If you wish to look around our beautiful Cathedral please choose an alternative day.

Due to the filming, you will not be able to access the main space of our Cathedral. Our shop, Tower Experience, Mezzanine Café and Welsford Restaurant are also closed for the day.

Worshiping with us

All services will take place in the Lady Chapel, which you will be able to access via the Lady Chapel external entrance. We will also make sure the Lady Chapel is available for private prayer and those wishing to light a candle. 

Car parking at the Cathedral
The giants will be walking past the Cathedral and there are road closures in the area. Our car park will be closed for the day.