Thank you, Liverpool, your support has been amazing and Space, The Universe and Everything is now completely sold out.

So everyone who has booked their Space can enjoy the show, we are not selling tickets on the door.

We understand that you may be disappointed if you haven’t had the chance to come along and experience Space, The Universe and Everything, so we are planning a Christmas-themed light and sound show with Luxmuralis. We will release more details later in the year.

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You can discover more about Space, The Universe and Everything and its creators below.

The Well: ‘The Beginning of Everything’ by Luxmuralis

In this son-et-Lumiere, you will see theories about the beginning of everything depicted in light and sound.

Luxmuralis have reinterpreted the origins of the universe to show the findings of science such as the big bang combined with the creation story expressed in Genesis.

The Nave: ‘Space, The Universe and Everything’ by Luxmuralis  

Ponder our relationship with planet Earth in this section of the light and sound show.  

You will journey through space, seeing galaxies emerge above you while exploring humanity's ambition to adventure beyond.  

This artwork asks you to look out into space and think about what we, as humans have achieved in our place in the world.  

Derby Transept: ‘The Endless Universe

Did you know that no one knows how many stars there are? Astrophysicists at NASA estimate there to be around 1021 sextillion stars in the universe. That’s 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000!

During ‘The Endless Universe’ section of the show, you will be immersed in a cosmic constellation of stars that uses reflective light and haze to create thousands of beams of light.

This artwork is inspired by the story of Abraham in Genesis 22:1

“I will give you as many descendants as there are stars in the sky.”

War Memorial Chapel: ‘Rocket’ by Peter Walker 

In the War Memorial Chapel, you will see a four-metre high rocket sculpture. During the show, the rocket is lit. As the rocket lifts off, you will hear music composed by David Harper.   

 Peter created this to represent Saturn 5. This was developed for the Apollo mission to the moon in 1969.  

The rocket is a cultural icon of engineering and innovation. Here, Peter wants to engage you in a metaphysical dialogue with cultural history and our human capacity for exploration. 

South Choir Aisle and Behind the High Altar: ‘Zodiac’

As you walk around the back of the High Altar, you will be moving through the constellations of the zodiac. Images, representing animals from the constellations that the ecliptic orbits of the moon and planets pass through; are projected onto the architecture of the Cathedral.

Who are Luxmuralis?

Sculptor Peter Walker and composer David Harper make up the award-winning artistic collaboration, Luxmuralis. Luxmuralis is known for producing large-scale light and sound shows. They have produced this light and show, known as a Son-et-Lumiere, for Liverpool Cathedral.

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