Creativity: Being Human

Derby Transept 22nd August 2022 10:00 AM

Join us for Creativity, a part of Peter Walker's Being Human exhibition

Being Human, a new exhibition from renowned artist and Sculptor Peter Walker, will be at Liverpool Cathedral between 27 July – 30th August 2022. Alongside Creativity, which located in the Derby Transept, you’ll be able to view, Connection, Reflection, and Identity. To find out more about the complete exhibition, click here.


Peter has recreated an artist’s studio space, which has been populated with some tools of the trade, as well as some of his previous works. As you encounter sculptures, paintings, and drawings, you may wish to think about how you express your own creativity, and what this means to you. As Peter display’s his artist’s existential view of humanity, you may wish to think about your own.

The artworks on display have been selected from Peters's vast artistic output over the past 25 years, and showcase different elements of artist practice that Peter has undertaken.

Paintings by Peter Walker Medium
The Three Graces oil on board
Portrait D oil on board
Abstract Portrait oil on board
The Red woman oil on board
4 scenes from the stations of the cross oil on board
Landscape oil on board
The Yellow Field, Provence field oil on board (landscape)
Lugano oil on board (landscape)
Cloud oil on board (landscape)
Self Portrait pencil charcoal on paper
Self Portrait pencil on paper
Anatomical Study pencil on paper
John Paul Sartre pencil on paper


Sculptures by Peter Walker Medium
Humanities Contempt for Humanity bronze
The Worker bronze
Rise of the dreaming body bronze
Urban Thinker bronze
Prime bronze
Where is my mind? bronze
Female head bronze
The Sound of Mary Magdalene bronze
Muse 1 bronze
Muse 2 bronze
Movement bronze
Angel for the 21st Century bronze
Pity of War bronze


Light and Sound Creations by Peter Walker Tv Screens
External light and sound shows Screen 1
Internal light and sound shows Screen 2
Installation artworks created by Peter Walker Screen 3
Film showing modern depiction of the Stations of the Cross artwork Screen 4



Peter Walker created this artwork, especially for sacred spaces. The steel structure represents
Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). The DNA double helix is the molecule chain that coils and carries the genetic information for all living things.

He is asking, you the viewer, to question topics such as science and faith and how the two subjects philosophically intertwine.

For a more detailed interpretation of each installation, click here.