The Old Testament - Pointing to Jesus.

Bible opened up on a table
Online 14th July 2022 07:30 PM
Bible Study

Take a 'deep-dive' into Bible studies in 2022.

Join us on Thursday evenings on Zoom - June to November 2022, 7.30-8.45pm

Our main 'deep-dive' Bible studies in 2022 will be a series looking at how the Old Testament points to Jesus and finds its fulfilment in him. Many Christians are familiar with some of the best-known stories in the Old Testament, but are less sure-footed about what happens in between! And, crucially, the major narratives which run through its 39 books. 

But why the need for rescue and restoration? In this series, we shall endeavour to answer that question, and why God’s rescue and restoration is still on offer to our world today! So come with us, on an epic journey over sixteen studies via Zoom, into the world of the Old Testament.


More details to follow in due course. For more details, please contact Canon Neal on