We want you to encounter God and to develop your understanding of faith and how a strong faith can support you in your day to day life. So we have a range of ways to help you with that encounter.


This is an ideal way to ‘dip a toe into the water’. Perhaps you would regard yourself as an enquirer – someone who wants to understand more about your life, whether there is a God, why there is suffering in the world, and find out more about Jesus?

This six-week course is a great way to do it, in a safe environment and without pressure. Our intention is to run it on ‘Zoom’ in the short term.

Please contact Canon Neal if you may be interested. 


‘Supper with the Scriptures’

On the first four Monday evenings in August, from 7pm-8pm, a group meets on Zoom (see details below). It is informal and friendly, and we take a short passage of scripture to consider for that day. Everyone is welcome, and each week is standalone. Over the summer, we will be working our way through the first few Chapters of the ‘Acts of the Apostles’ for a series called ‘Acting on Acts’.

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 896 8353 7077

Passcode: 707571


‘Moving On’

Moving On is a seven-week course which does what it says on the tin – it helps us to dig deeper into what it means to follow Jesus, looking at such issues as being a Christian seven days a week, why we worship, reading the Bible and prayer, and the work of the Holy Spirit. Courses are run a couple of times a year, the next one being scheduled to run on ‘Zoom’ for October 2020. ‘Moving On’ is good way to prepare for Confirmation.

Please contact Canon Neal if you wish to know more.


‘Faith Academy’

Through the year, we will be running short series of talks where we will aim to study the Bible at a deeper level, seeking to understand it in its context, and to apply it to our lives today.

The next ‘Faith Academy’ will run September to November 2020 and will study the letter of Paul to the Philippians over the course of ten sessions. Two streams will be run in on ‘Zoom’; Wednesday evenings and Thursday lunchtimes. These are both totally interchangeable. Handouts will be provided through our Cathedral website, so that it will not be an issue if you cannot make every talk.

Details of starting dates will be provided in due course.