To get the most out of your time with us, contact our Education Team to plan your visit.

The Cathedral can be a fun and exciting place to explore but we need all pupils to be properly supervised by their school at all times during the visit.


We offer a general children's guided tour of the Cathedral or one more specifically focused to suit your requirements.

For example, comparing the two Cathedrals is a popular choice.

We train our Cathedral Guides (many of whom are former teachers) to work especially with children, and all are experienced at meeting the needs of a school's curriculum.

We pride ourselves on being teacher-led. Please ask for what you want; we will do our very best to meet your needs.

The cost for this tour is £1.50 per child. You can also do a self guided tour for a suggested donation of £1 per child.

Other themed tours:

Fantastic Faces

For Reception to Yr 2: A face hunt in the cathedral followed by a workshop making a clay face.

1.5 hrs - £2.50 per child.

Cruz the Caterpillar

Based on the theme ‘Special to God’, Cruz the Caterpillar is an interactive prayer trail. Follow the footprints, collect stickers in a personal passport, hunt inside the treasure chest, write in green sand and make a butterfly. Find out why you are special to God.

1 hr - £2.00 per child.

A Sense of Place

For SEN pupils: Ring a miniature bell, smell incense, taste a communion wafer, look for Derby Mouse, lie on the floor and look up at the ceiling… Can be adapted to suit individual and group needs and interests.

45 mins - £1.50 per child.