Liverpool Cathedral was built by the people and paid for by the people of Liverpool. It now stands as one of the world’s truly great buildings with a special place in all our affections.

New Builders for a New Challenge

Absolutely key to its construction (from consecration in 1924 to completion in 1978) was the foundation in 1925 of ‘The Builders of Liverpool Cathedral’ (later ‘The Friends and Builders’ and finally ‘The Friends’.) The purpose of the organisation was to help to build the largest Cathedral in the country. On its successful completion ‘the Friends’ did not disband but took on a new role, that is, to help maintain and add to the building and its worship.

To help commemorate the work and generosity of the original Friends and Builders we are looking to a new generation to take up the baton: the Liverpool Cathedral Centenary Builders.

Standing on the shoulders of giants

We hope that our own generation will feel a similar call to those original Friends and Builders to make a significant contribution to the life and future of this wonderful Cathedral. Each Centenary Builder will pledge to give £2,400 by 2025, the centenary of the original Friends and Builders.

Centenary Builders of Liverpool Cathedral


Please take time to browse through the leaflet above or contact:
0151 702 7250.