Give yourself some time and space.

  • A mini retreat

  • A short pilgrimage

  • Reflect and be refreshed.

Our free Awesome and Intimate trail takes you on a spiritual journey through our Cathedral. Pause at ten points within our building to reflect on the short readings in our booklet which is available from the Baptistry on the main floor of the Cathedral. 

Shown below is the first reflection in the journey which we hope gives you a taste of what you may encounter as you progress on your journey.

The Great Space'AWESOME' (The Great Space)

Look up - wow!
That’s what nearly everyone does instinctively when they walk in.
This is the Great Space, an awesome space, a sacred space.
This is the biggest Anglican Cathedral in Europe, it took 74 years to build.
Let this great space speak to you of God, the one to whom it is dedicated and who is worshipped here.
The creator of the heavens and the earth, the God of mystery who is beyond our understanding.
Close your eyes and take a deep breath, stand quietly in awe and give thanks..

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Jesus said ‘follow me’ – it’s a lifelong journey. 

  • Intrigued and full of questions? 
  • Unconvinced and sceptical? 
  • Bruised and struggling? 
  • Searching for truth?

We’d love to continue this journey with you. Click here to find out how.